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~ 2008 ~

What I am looking for in a companion:

~ Intelligence (& evidence of it! LOL!) Oh, yes, & a healthy, lively, sense of humor ...

~ Proportion requires at least moderate height, 6' or taller, please (taller than I) ....

~ Ethnicity (?) More importantly, of the shared faith & a background similar in understanding & goals...

What matters is that you are proportionately taller than I, of the right age (between 45 & ___? -- possibly close to my age, preferably younger, but older than my children, passionately, active & happily faithful to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ & follow (with little murmuring, LOL!) the latter-day Prophet of the Lord (this doesn't make one perfect - just walking in the right direction). If goals, lifestyle & faith compare, then perhaps we may have a chance ... & perhaps we can walk together ... ?

Perfection isn't required but ... I usually date younger men (though not of the ages of my children or younger - at least over 45), men of SUBSTANCE (spiritual depth ~ LDS, yes! ~ )

Please, no men who smoke or drink alcohol -- uh, uh! (Yes, I've learned that one personally, the hard way. Love doesn't fix all that these problems entail)
-- and physical height -- I prefer men over 6' tall ~ it's fair, I'm tall. (Have you heard that there are "shoes which elevate?" ... -- no, I'm not kidding, but I'm smiling.)

No, please believe me when I say that I'm NOT attracted to men who are smaller than I.

Nor am I the right choice for men who are preoccupied with having a "decoration" on their arms, but, instead, a woman of substance such as I (attractive in my own way, exciting, stimulating) IN their arms - & I prefer a match, intellectually & spiritually, who is NOT afraid of commitment or of having a great life & fun that one can remember! (& a match who can spell or who can use "spell check!" .... Please say that you know the difference between "loose" & "lose" or "your" & "you're?")

(Do you know how to pronounce "nuclear?" DO ask yourself this.) In other words, even you who consider yourself "intelligent," are you 'AWARE?'

Small things, of course, but one needs to recognize those things one knows will wear thin, especially, in the course of 30 to 40 years of "togetherness," in that amount of time together, notably so after retirement.

I don't want much, right? :-) No, I don't seek perfection, because I'm far from perfect. But I'm a good sport & wish to make friends of any age, or background as long as respect is mutual. However, to spend time together in in-person & closeness or even to date, I will consider only those who are of an appropriate age, proportion, location, & eternal life goals, who could be considered & who could consider me, as well, a candidate for possible marriage.

ARE YOU: A guitar man? .... or a piano man? ... one who sings? 'Twould be an extra sweet match if he shared the love of making music together (I love to add harmony, musically & otherwise - & to give love, cherishing another!) I do add harmony to the lives of others, and I sing, too!

(Just wishin' & hopin':) ... & one who loves to dance with me ... I love to jitterbug (it's easy & I could teach you!), but I don't tear up the floor any longer ~ a slow & close romantic dance is like a hug to music!

I've found that I could not consider a man who didn't like animals, or pets, expecially cats, & birds. To me, there is something innately missing in a person who doesn't like cats.

Really, simply, this is who I seek: ... One who is walking the path in the same direction toward the light, at the same pace, because he truly loves the Lord, with whom I can look UP into his eyes & into his gentle, potentially Christ-like soul, & with whom I long to share love & the sweetest of all priesthood blessings. A man, humble, teachable, who acknowledges that he has weakness but who can forgive himself & others, kind & intelligent ... please, could we hold hands & walk together? ... if you are he who could love me too, won't you let me love you?

Note: My late husband was 10 years younger, a cherished & gifted man, for whom I cared lovingly during the last seven years (of our 14-year marriage) as he lingered before he died. ... but because he did not choose the same path as I am walking, I still seek my eternal sweetheart.

I will consider all serious applicants (serious with ample senses of humor) if healthy physically, mentally, & spiritually (especially if you would love to pamper ME for a change.)

Thanks for stopping by! Please say hello to me & if you have any questions, please ask me! (Please - no unkind emails.)

*Some apparently some have misunderstood me).

To Clarify my intent:*

My desire is to remain worthy of my blessings for joy. I do NOT welcome disrespectful & / or obscene overtures which - I am sorry to say - many of which I have received recently because of my honesty. Also, lewd, improper offers do not honor me, nor flatter me, nor does the approach of anyone not legally single.

Please do note, also, that one who is widowed, but sealed in the temple to a deceased wife, is not what I seek, for to me, fidelity is defined as "one man, one woman, for eternity" ~ true sweethearts. If fidelity is required of the woman, it is required of the man. One can only have one true sweetheart.

I am more than a number (age) & more than a "breeder." No, I can no longer give birth to a child, (I did have three & they are now adults) but I am a complete woman who knows of the sacredness of the gift of marital intimacy & I honor & strive to remain worthy of my temple covenants & those divine priesthood blessings promised. I do know the joy of a truly intimate marriage relationship. I accept no "substitutes."

I am looking for a man who wishes to receive & give love in a celestial setting. I have my own relationship with my Father in Heaven & have chosen celestial goals & taken steps toward celestial blessings for myself; however, realizing that one must have a celestial mate, I am actively trying to be available to be found by one who understands these goals of faith, that I might choose an appropriate match to become be a celestial sweetheart, my deepest desire.

Because you found my photo or my listing or profile interesting, may I assume that you know that an older woman, while increasingly passionate & understanding, will have kept her high standards in selecting a partner? ... & that such a woman deserves respect, & will address her appropriately?

The point of this part of my web page is to establish that only those interested in a worthy friendship & communication will be considered.

I have loved purely, not necessarily wisely, but as God has blessed me to love. I believe that gender was meant to be eternal & I love being a woman. Father created me as such & I seek the eternal blessings as such. Bringing joy & tenderness, as well as passion to my own true love is the happiness I seek.

At this point in my life, I am even more certain of the kind of man to love as my eternal partner.

I apologize if you are offended by my remarks. It was not intended, & perhaps you have misunderstood & if you are not of my faith, I would not expect you to understand.

If you are interested in me as a person & in discussing in an honest & respectful way, the possibility of a friendship or future relationship, please do contact me by email on this site. No i.m.'s please. I no longer chat with anyone I've not met in person first. Seriously. Please don't ask. I have valid reasons for this.

Thank you.

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