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"DustyShot?" Where did that come from?

      As half of the Two of Harts® duo, "Dusty," I co-hosted showcases for new performers and songwriters' groups such as Tidewater Songwriters Association and the Songwriters' League of Virginia, and participated in the Utah Songwriters projects, while founding the Intra-Coastal Artists' Production (ICAP) Songwriters Association in Utah, in Utah and across the USA. As a result of such groups & the 'Two of Harts Showcases," innumerable new artists have begun their performance and creative years.

      To explain the name, "Dusty:"   When preparing a promo package for booking the duo & the band, before I could put together a photo shoot, I requested short biographies & photos from each of the band members. I couldn't get them to cooperate fully, so I sketched each one & created a "wanted" poster for each of the musicians, with a "nickname," & a "bio," including for Jer & for myself. My pseudonym was "Dusty Shotglass" which meant that if I'd had a shot glass, it would have be DUSTY from disuse. (Also an intro for discussion of my faith ...) That name has since been shortened to "Dustyshot,"(or "DustyShot:) & then to "Dusty."

"Wanted" Posters

The Two of Harts®
& "Saddle Boogie"
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of the sketches) ~

Two of Harts®,

(From 1984 ~ 1997)

Saddle Boogie of Virginia,

To see their photo shoot!

      Having performed in the duo, the Two of Harts®, and with the backup bands, "Saddle Boogie" of Virginia and Salt Lake City, and "Full House" of Virginia, my alter ego, "Dusty," also liven up other bands, such as Suzie Arden's "Showband" and Gaylen Young's "Five Easy Pieces" and "Folkrangers!" featuring originals by songwriter Gaylen Young of Utah (also, contributing harmony vocals on many of the latter's studio recordings).

      Much of our music and cover demos were recorded in excellent small studios, such as Smokey Lake Studios in Virginia Beach, Seat of the Pants Features, also in Virginia Beach, and West Valley Productions in Utah.

      Our company, ("Dusty's") Gallery Publishing Design, has been there to help productive artists experiencing hard times who have needed a support group, career counseling and, in the most extreme cases, actual temporal aid. In addition to these activities, I've had the privilege to perform in benefits for the hungry and the homeless, as well as other benefit concerts in the U.S. and in Canada, such as the March of Dimes, as a soloist, as well as in other ways, in the duo, & with various bands & choirs, civic, school, & professional groups.

      As a result of these many years with the population of unknown and known artists springing up all over this continent, I have a remarkable treasure of original music and unique experiences!

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