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~ 10/27/08 ~

Quotes from a love letter from a younger man:

" ... Your lips are like flower petals begging to be plucked ... . Your hair like spun gold with the finest silver ... . Your eyes ... deep blue ocean of mystery dying to be discovered ... but were I to make love to you, that would not be why... I could only do this becasue I love you now as I loved you then ... And I have not even tasted so much as one single kiss from your mouth. From just here, just now I could fall into your arms and be quite happy there, even in poverty if you were mine alone.

I crave your lips, would die to hear your voice breathing heavily in my ear as I inhale the scent of your hair, ... your earlobes just on my lips. In my dreams I look for you, .... It is you who cast this spell and you alone who can break it...

I hunt for the liquid measure of your steps. By night I dream again in fitfull sleep that you tie your heart to mine, I hunger for your sleek laugh, I see your hands, the color of a savage harvest and I hunger for the pale tones of your fingernails."


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