Alternative? Rebuild or Relocate Homeowners
In Disaster Prone Areas?

Flood ~ Hurricane ~ Tornado ~ Disaster-Prone Areas?

To rebuild or to relocate? (In flood ~ hurricane ~ tornado ~ disaster-prone areas) ... Why continue to rebuild, thus flushing again and again the hard-earned tax dollars of so many Americans, many of whom may never be able to buy homes of their own? Why not RELOCATE these homeowners to a area of their choice? (Given a select choice of several areas.)

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The cost to Americans for disaster-prone areas is growing beyond already unbelievable amounts in tax dollars. To what end? An unlimited number of restorations that will again be destroyed the next time disaster will surely strike? Isn't this like flushing an enormous cosmic-sized toilet?
Has anyone ever wondered why a different approach hasn't been taken or even considered in regard to the repeated restoration & emergency funding which is costing ALL Americans exorbitant amounts for those who insist on rebuilding after each event of devastating damage to their homes in the hurricane and tornado prone areas of the U.S?
WHY? Are they just STUPID? Or are WE? (We, as in many of whom CAN'T even afford to buy OUR first homes, let alone a "vacation home.")
Most Americans will never be able to afford to buy homes, not vacation homes, not even OUR FIRST HOME EVER. WHY? Because those who have LOST homes because they choose to build in areas KNOWN to be risky keep qualifying for Federal aid to rebuild. Doesn't anyone else see how WRONG this is? How ridiculous?
There IS an alternative to the repetitive, continual, pouring of much needed funds into lost causes which these "unfortunates" are perpetrating ~ an alternative which could very well save TRILLIONS of tax payer dollars as well as (potentially) millions of lives:
When newly devastated by a known and probable natural disaster, when those who've re-qualified for Federal aid ONCE AGAIN, ONE MORE TIME, THIS TIME ~ GIVE EACH HOMEOWNER a CHOICE:  to RELOCATE with a property exchange (full ownership of their new property) to less disaster-prone areas (not too far distant or further, also, their choice) at the cost of Federal AID (this ONE LAST TIME), or choose to forfeit THEIR PROPERTY* at their own loss!  There should NOT BE perpetual REWARD for foolish choices ~ especially when paid for by hard-working Americans who may NEVER be able to afford to purchase their own homes! 
*Such properties would then become Federal properties to be restored to park land, for seasonal recreation for tourists ... NOT for private residential properties.  These areas have proven to be too risky for residential property development and should never be released for commercial sale or development again as long as the potential risk exists. (Think about it, please.)
Those who refuse to relocate, should be granted one last chance to keep their property, but if they can't afford to rebuild with their own financial resources, they must forfeit that property, having refused relocation assistance and property exchange.
No one who has invested in property need ever be wiped out again by such frequent natural disasters. (And tax dollars should NEVER AGAIN be required to restore to these repetitive supplicants for aid when they've been given this option!)
Once an area has been shown to be a known risk, it qualifies for such a program. No one need lose property rights and should be given a choice of several suitable areas to relocate.  Logically, by the very choice of their initial property investment in a risky area, they gave been given a 2nd (or more as the cases may be) chance to rebuild their homes in a safer area, and, therefore, also, to rebuild their lives.
Many Americans are forced to relocate their homes and lives at least once, so it's not so tragic to be given the chance to find a safer "home." Why must they be so selfish to demand reclamation of property that will again (most likely) be devastated once again, and the cost to other Americans more likely who will never have homes of their own?
I seriously and logically demand that this alternative be considered.
The savings of our tax dollars must be considered.
Billions in Federal aid have been repeatedly been rendered to these "fortunate unfortunates." Yes, they have lost their homes, and, yes, we do feel compassion for their losses, BUT why do millions of Americans who can't afford to buy a home have the taxes they pay go to those who are foolish to continue to rebuild in these disaster-prone areas? It's just not fair and it's NOT JUST.
Let's consider alternatives ~ If cost must be occurred, let's have it make sense. Let's give them a CHOICE! If legislation is necessary, let's get to work on the details, let's discuss, let's figure it out. There HAS to be a better way ~ that is fair to ALL Americans, not just favoring those who've chosen to live in those disaster-prone areas.
A thinking, voting, American (who doesn't have a home of her own, by the way.)

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