Letters to the Public Forum, October, 2004... Other presidential candidates?
Could these points also apply to the 2008 candidate roster? I'm inclined to believe so. 

RE:  The other presidential candidates (What? Who? Huh?)

It "floors" me that nothing is said (where it can be noticed - I don't mean on "page 7 of section D," or whatever, in the newspaper - I mean on the network TV news & prominently in the advertisements  - isn't there a fairness issue here - equal time, etc.?) about the other candidates for the office of President of the United States, as if the Republican & Democratic parties are the only parties concern & the only ones who are "privy" to the welfare of the entire population of the United  States of America!

The R & D parties are nowhere NEAR in touch with the needs of this nation's population!  They (the Republican & Democratic parties) are special interests all packaged in plastic!  What I am wondering is WHY can't they come up with better candidates than George Bush or John Kerry? - even the gubernatorial candidates of Utah have more to offer for that office than either of the R & D  candidates!  Come on!  How can America be so snowed by either Bush or Kerry? 

I continue to be appalled that ANY discerning citizen of the U.S. can  align his or her name to the campaign of either of the above two presidential candidates. I have, too often to count, actually written in my own name in as a candidate for president as that is how often the main two parties have presented real choices for the office.

Even today when there are as many as six or seven actual candidates running for president, nothing is offered about them in the media. They are not even mentioned in the same breath as "the debates," which were held recently -- what a joke they were! (Is the American public so used to advertising hype that this "travesty imitation of a debate" satisfied their "statis quo" consciences? Apparently, they heard what they wanted to hear & will continue to support whichever candidate their pride allows them to support?)

The fact that no mention was made of considering including the other candidates is evidence of a cover up managed carefully by someone -- who? The media?  The individual parties?  Is this an arrangement (a compromise of sorts?) by two or more of the aforementioned?

I want to know more about the other candidates noted only briefly in the published voter information booklet this year. So far, all of them seem to have more intelligence and savvy than either Bush or Kerry.  (I've not been able to decide which of the two of them are more stupid or more evil -- they seem to be outdoing each other in both categories -- rather taking turns in one or the other.)

I'd like to find out WHY everyone (the media, the public) seems to ignore all the other candidates & WHY no one else seems concerned that their (the alternatives) candidacies are being ignored. 

The Republican & Democratic parties are NOT offering viable candidates any longer. Why do thinking citizens continue to support those parties?  What is wrong with American voters these days - Whatever happened to America?


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